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Beginner Adult Ballet in NYC?

Guest kar5162

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Guest kar5162

Hi, I'm new here! I'm 25 and interested in taking a beginning ballet class in NYC...mostly to help my figure skating. I have basically no ballet experience, but I did take ballet once a week for about a year when I was 13. Any recommendations for programs?




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Steps has a class for adults called "basic ballet" that you might want to check out. "Beginners ballet" at Steps assumes that you know all the standard barre work and many basic steps such as pas de bourre for center floor.

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Guest Jeujeucda

Hi kar5162!


I just started on this forum too on Monday, and am in nearly the same situation as you (i.e. started ballet because of figure skating). Only I started ballet in April and have since been hooked on it as much as on skating! I've since moved on to have 4 ballet classes/week in addition to my skate schedule, and am considering adding one more. I hope to work my way to pointe one day.


You'll find that ballet helps a lot with skating, but at the same time it can also throw you off sometimes. The body postures are a little different, and jumping on ice and on the dance floor are quite different. Take care to land properly.


Other than that I can't help you much with classes in NYC... I'm in Alberta Canada.



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I've been to two studios in New York that I liked:


Peridance, downtown in the NYU area, has a basic ballet class for beginners. I took the next level up, which they call advanced beginning, which was pretty challenging and fast-paced even though I've been taking class for a couple years now (this go-round, that is, I've studied a lot in the past but took a 10-year break!). You can find their schedule on the Internet.


I've also been to Ballet Academy East on the Upper East Side, you have to call them for their schedule. Very nice studio, small classes. They're quite helpful when you call and can place you in the appropriate level.

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I've never been to BSE, but I know a few teachers there, good teachers.



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