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Back to classes!

Jaana Heino

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Yay! It's only three hours until my first ballet class in almost two weeks.


I've been off because I had my eyes lasered to get rid of glasses, and the doctor recommended staying out from physical activities for the time between the operations and then some. But now I have been passed healthy and can go back!


(Just had to share this... and yes, I did get rid of the glasses, too, at least for everyday stuff. :))

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Hooray for you, Jaana! Hope you have a great time.


By the way, what's laser treatment like? I have thought about it (when I have some extra cash - whenever that is) but I've always thought it sounds scary. But now I've been wearing contact lenses a long time and I've been told to reduce the time I spend wearing them or I will damage my eyes, so it's sounding a more attractive proposal.


Glasses - boo! They fall off when you do ballet!:mad:

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the operation itself was no big deal. I had a LASIK, and it took in total about 10 minutes to do it, and it did not hurt at all. The lasering itself took like minute and a half. I had to look at a red blinking light, there was a buzzing sound, and I smelled something burning. If I could not keep my eye still (the one not treated was covered), the laser stopped until I had it steadied again.


The day it was done it felt like I had a contact lense gone bad in my eye, but didn't really hurt. I was very drowsy for the drug they gave (just normal diapam, but I had some kind of enhanced reaction). I could see clearly enough to walk on streets etc the same evening; work on the computer the next day.


What is a little scary, though, is that you of course can never know for certain that it goes well. It might happen that you put all that money in it, and still don't get rid of glasses, or that (very unlikely, but still) something worse happens to your eyesight. But I had a week between the eyes, and when the second one was done I already knew the first one was good enough to serve me alone, if it came to that.


I also was careful to the extreme - the doctor said that probably it wouldn't hurt me to do ballet etc in the meantime, but as it was very difficult to judge distances etc I decided against it.


Off to ballet class, now. Hooray!

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