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Guest attitudegirl

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Guest attitudegirl

Hey everybody,

I saw in someone's threat that there is an ABT video dictionary out there, but when I went to their website, I could not find it. Can anyone post a link or tell me how to get there? Thanks.

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Guest joodiff

I agree that Susan Jaffe is a really BEAUTIFUL ballerina. And the online dictionary has really helped me a lot for my classes! I'm so GLAD that ABT decided to provide surfers with this 'service'. :)

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Check out this website if you really want to know what a step should look like. It's the ABT dictionary, plus, on some of the definitions, you can click on the logo and a small video screen will appear with a member of the ABT doing the step. This really makes me realize how much I have to learn. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.




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Just keep in mind this is the ABT site, so if you're taking Russian technique, some of the steps will be somewhat different.

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I swear i refer to it at least once a week, mostly when I'm at work and don't have my books handy. I am glad they have done that page.

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