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Classes in Columbus, Ohio

Guest DancerLegs

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I'll be in Cincinnati for a few days next month for work. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a class. Any suggestions for a good studio for adults? Thanks!:)

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Guest MommaJambe

I have no personal experience... just accompanied a friend to an open class there. Ballet Met gave him the first class free, just to try it out, so you may want to ask them if that offer is available.

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Cincinnati Ballet offers adult classes. Good company so I'd imagine the classes should be pretty good. Let me know if you find something interesting. It's my hometown and I'm sure I'll have to return eventually (trying not to, though).

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Thanks for the suggestion. :( I've looked up the Cincinnati Ballet web page and plan to give them a call about schedule. I'll only be there for a few days, but I anticipate needing a class or two. If I'm able to make it there, I'll let you know how the class is.

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