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Well, I went to the new studio for the first time last night for their Adult Ballet for Fun class and it was loads better than I was expecting it to be! She gives little titbits of ballet history between movements which is really interesting, but most of all she so obviously knows what she's teaching - which is a vast improvement on where I've been going. The class was made up of people with varying ability so most of it was nice and basic - I needed it that way :) .


We had a looooooong chat afterwards (an hour!!), and we discussed my ballet background, where I wanted to go and how I was going to achieve it. She was extremely supportive of building me up and moving me to the advanced teen classes as and when she felt I was strong enough :) .


I was hugely impressed with how ambitious she is for her studio and promoting ballet, and she holds classes in 4 different towns around Bristol as well as in Bristol, taking them in school gyms and church halls and has recently employed another teacher for the first time.


I am very pleased to place my ballet development in her highly experienced hands :D and I just wanted to tell you all how excited I am again about it all!!




PS - I just found this: My ballet teacher! !!

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Sounds like you've made a jolly good choice of programs and teacher. Congratulations!:)

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It's an amazing feeling when you find your 'ballet home', and it sounds like you've found yours! Congratulations, and good luck!

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