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How do I tone down my thighs and hips?

Guest pointe

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:confused: Apart from having a sensible eating habits, how do I tone down my hips and thighs? Apart from my regular ballet class, I exercise on the stationary bike, do exercises using the therapy ball (Swiss ball), and stretching to cool down. All the execises I do every day, as I'm currently not working and it takes an hour to complete. My regular ballet class lasts an hour every Wednesday evenings.


I would appreciate feedbacks especially from Mr. Johnson and Ms Leigh. :)





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Pointe, you've hit the nail on the head with the idea that diet is going to be your most effective means of controlling excessive buildup anywhere, but as you already recognize, it's the long, slow way.


If you're experiencing too much buildup of muscle mass around the thighs and hips, I'd give the bike a rest, ease off on the exercise ball, except for things which cause stretch, and just generally increase stretching generally, meanwhile, keeping a careful eye on diet, monitored by a dietitian or physician.

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A co-worker went through knee surgery on both knees, and had to wear a knee brace. He noted his legs and hips got much smaller. I don't know how good that would be for dancers though.



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I had a situation like that recently where I had to undergo surgery, and let me tell you, forced inactivity is not an option in this case! Coming back is way, way too difficult.

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Guest Calliope

Cardio exercise where you are standing is the best way to slim down. Walking on a treadmil at a quick speed or eliptical machines if your gym has them.

You can do squats/lunges (without weights) and as Mel said, ditch the bike, unless you ride standing, which you could do 15 minutes at a time.

And lots of plies!

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I find that the stair master works wonders! It's a great cardio workout, your legs with start getting nicely firm, and you can give your calves a good working if you push down with the ###### of your feet.


If you don't have access to a gym (with treadmill and stair master), a brisk stroll will also help. Start off by walking a couple of kilometres a day, and work yourself up to about 5 (I don't know what that is in miles). You'll also find that your general fitness improves drastically.



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Unfortunately, it is impossible to spot reduce. Even as you reduce your overall body fat, if you are female, you will tend to retain fat on your hips and legs. Blame genetics if you want something to blame.


You might try to build up your upper body and shoulders! I know it sounds bizarre. But the effect will be to balance your top and bottom. I had a female friend who tended to put weight on her legs and hips. She worked hard at a gym, doing a good all-around exercise program, but concentrated just a little more on her upper body. She gained 8 pounds, but she looked so much better overall as her top and bottom were more symmetric.


Another thing to consider is to do a whole lot of ballet, many times a week. Really stress the body with work if at all possible. When the body is put under a stress, it tends to adapt to the stress, literally changing its shape to better adapt to the stress. The change may be small, however, but it will change.

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being a former bike racer I can tell you that if your thighs are bulking after a riding workout, your pushing too bike a gear. If your goal is fat burn you need a heart rate monitor if the bike is your weapon of choice.

Remember, stretch before your ride and tons after your ride.

Look at pro road racers, only the sprinters have huge thighs, the climbers and the real endurance riders like Lance Armstrong are quite lean

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First, welcome Garyecht, to Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online!:)


You are entirely correct, spot reducing is impossible. The distribution of fat around the body is really set by heredity!:) However, the foundations for those areas are partly based on muscle, so if those muscles can be somewhat elongated, the problem can be somewhat alleviated. Interesting idea about building up the upper body to offset the lower; I'd have to see a dancer before I counseled it, though. If someone's goal is performance, it looks a little odd to see a power lifter's shoulders issuing from the top of a tutu!;)


And mic, you are correct about the stretching after; good observation about sprint bike racers. I hadn't noticed it before, but now I'm certain I will!:)

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AHHA just found a fantastic exercise that will really tone your outer thighs and hips.


All you need is one of those exercise band or therabands.

Tie it in a big hoop, so you have knot. now place around your lower calves. Now the fun bit. step to the left with your left foot as far as you can go, then bring the right foot to meet it, now step to the right with the right foot. So basically you are just stepping from side to side, but with the resistance of the theraband..wow, feel the burn. Great exercise and you can so it anytime, i.e. brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, cooking, whatever..easy :)

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