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How much does a ballet skirt cover?


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my question.

The leotard that I wear in class is very revealing (why don't they make them more like boxer?) and I was thinking of covering up a bit with a ballet skirt in black (capezio's, because thats the only model my local store stocks).


But on the other hand it may cover too much so that the teacher cannot see my hips through it...should I return the skirt?

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You might try getting another brand of leotard, which gives more leg and seat coverage. I know that different brands cut differently--look at some of the dance catalogues (some are even making dancewear in plus sizes, now). You might also go up a size or two in leotards; for some reason this also helps greatly.


As for skirts, if they are regular georgette dance skirts, you should be fine--you can always speak privately with your teacher before class, tell her why you are wearing it and ask her to please let you know privately if it causes a problem for her giving you corrrections.

best of luck--you dance better when you think you look better!

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Mirella has a very nice line of solid colored georgette skirts, and I think they are made better than the Capezios. The style I get is 12" in the front, gradually tapering to 17" in back. You can order Mirella skirts online at discountdance.com

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Guest girlintheworld

I have a Capezio skirt and it's really cute. It covers up a little bit but not too much. In fact, the pointe classes at one of the studios here requires a skirt, so I doubt that it covers up too much.

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