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warm up wear

Guest Medora

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I always hate it when the weather gets cold in the fall and in the winter because I am never satisfied during this time of year; I am either too hot or too cold. What do students in your classes normally wear to keep wam in the winter? I like my legwarmers but I want to keep my hips warm too. Are fold down tights hard to move in? Does anyone own a pair of the with shoulder straps?

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The studios should be kept warm enough that one does not require warm up wear for classes. Our students are not allowed to wear anything over their leotards and tights unless for some reason the heating system is not working. In that situation, which is very rare but has happened, then I allow them to wear leg warmers or wool tights, sweaters, whatever.

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Hmm. My dance teacher is extremely cold natured and keeps the studios warm. In the summer the air is rarely turned on. But in the winter I am still very cold. I don't know if I am just that way, or if she does not heat the place enough in the winter. I hate wearing legwarmers, I feel like I can't move in them. But I am still very cold, at least during the first few exercises.

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Guest Aleasha Barkova

My ballet teacher is also cold-natured, and in the summer we all sweat rivers. In the winter I wear leg warmers and I have a tight long sleeve t-shirt I wear when the heat hasn't been on all day and I have class. My teacher generally doesn't like us to wear shirts and skirts, but she tolerates it when it is cold.

Who could stand to wear wool tights?! Itchy-itchy-itchy-itchy!

Also, I leave my leg warmers on under my jeans when I go outside after class so I don't cool down too quickly and get stiff.

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Guest Broken Shimmer

We're allowed to wear leg warmers and stuff for a few barre exercises until we warm up because it's cold when we get into the studio but as we warm up we beg her to turn down the heat.

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During performances, my ballet teacher like us to wear warm up clothes to keep our muscles warm- she says we perform better with warm muscles. I guess we do, because the newspaper reviews always say how spectacular we are for being 7- 20 years old.

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