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How many hours of classes you have take in a week?

Jaana Heino


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  1. 1. How many hours of classes you have take in a week?

    • less than 2 hours (about 1 class of 1,5 hours)
    • 2 or more, but less than 4 hours (~2 classes)
    • 4 or more, but less than 6 hours (~3 classes)
    • 6 or more, but less than 8 hours (~4 or 5 classes)
    • 8 hours or more

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Ok, I'm trying to post a poll, let's see how this works. :)


I first thought of asking "how many classes in a week", but then realized classes are not of the same length, so I decided to put hours instead. The class numbers are for those of you whose classes are 1,5 hours long; the rest of us have to figure out our own numbers.


(I take four classes, an hour each, so that equals to four hours total. :))

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An average week for me (not including this week as I am away on holiday for a week) would be 8 hours, which actually doesn't sound a lot now I come to think about it....umm maybe I can fit an another 2 hours somewhere.... but some weeks I will do 5-6 hours and some I will do 10 hours. It depends on how active I feel or whats going on at work.

Does anyone else get paranoid that they aren't taking enough hours of ballet per week?

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My total is only 3.5 hours a week (one class is 1.5 hours, the other two are an hour each), so I know I'm not logging enough studio time. But while I'd take a class a day if I could, it's probably best that I can't -- given my, uh, maturity, I'm at the point where I have to balance more class time versus the extra wear and tear on my aging knees and joints. Sigh. Right now, my almost-every-other-day class schedule works out pretty well -- class one day, recovery the next. Hopefully with this kind of on-again, off-again schedule I can keep fooling Mother Nature a little longer!

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Guest Aurelie

Right now I'm taking two 2 1/2 hour classes and two 1 hour classes. So if i'm doing my math right i sould be dancing 7 hours a week. I really wish I had more time to take classes. Why oh why do I have to go to school and work.



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Guest ivana brez
:) Well,I'm not sure,I have 1 class a day (each one is 1.5 h) 5 days a week and each Saturday 2 classes. I don't know is that too much or too little,but I definitely feel as too little. ( I'm only talking about technique classes,not mentioning others).
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But don't you find that the more you do, the more you want? It's hard for me at the moment to do even one a week, so I've not got into the stage of worrying about the number of hours I do! (Except for the fact that I am making NO PROGRESS at all right now!) It is addictive! But in a good way.:)

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Yes Kate it is totally addictive, to the point where I get bad withdrawl symptoms if I am not dancing. This week is the first week since Janurary this year that I have not done any ballet. A full week without it. My teacher suggested I take a week off..of all things..yikes I was a bit worried by that, but she phoned me during the week to say she missed me and all, but reminded me it was OK that I take a week off as it will do me more good than bad. Still I so get the urge to just go to class, any class........must dance...must dance..... I guess I am worried about getting as much ballet in as I possibly can while I am here in the US as a student, before I return to the UK and get a 'proper' job.

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Guest Jeujeucda

But it's a GOOD addiction! :)


I take five 1.5 hours classes a week (7.5 hrs), in addition to about 7 hrs figure skating. And piano. So after all that, plus work and some commitments, I don't have a lot of time left for a social life! But then again, I consider them AS my high quality private social life :P



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Hmmm... I usually take 3-4 ballet classes per week, 1.5 hours each, plus 2-3 modern classes (1.5 hours each) and floor barre (1 hour). I also have rehearsals, and take the occasional stretch or yoga class. So total time varies a bit, depending on how busy I am at work, etc.


I also get very antsy if I have to stop for some reason. Vacations turn into something else when you can't find a good studio (or any studio). It's true - the more you take, the more you feel like you SHOULD be doing, and the more you want to. It is a great addiction (provided you do it wisely and don't ignore injuries!)


My ideal schedule would be to be able to take a ballet class every morning (but not too early, say 10:30 or 11:00 am) followed by modern on 3 or 4 of those days. I would take floor barre once or twice a week, and would have time to take a stretch or yoga class as needed, in the evenings. (of course, the money for this would miraculously appear out of thin air and I would not have to worry about fitting classes into my work schedule - or should I say fitting my work schedule around my classes! :))


....it's nice to dream, anyway....:P

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Guest attitudegirl

Ya;ll are going to think I'm nuts, but I take 12 hours a week. Now htat I look at everyone else, that seems rediculous. I am trying to get into a company (not paid!), but I guess I'm trying to speed up the learning process. THat or I have no life! :rolleyes:

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Ridiculous?! No.


Lucky you. I wish I had less life and more moeny and could do that. :rolleyes:

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It's so wonderful to hear other adults talking about how they suffer from withdrawal when they don't have class! I don't like to go more than 2 or 3 days without one both because I love it so much and because I lose my strength and stretch so quickly.


I started ballet as an adult in my early thirties and am now in my mid-fifties. My impulse is still to take every ballet class I can find, but my body now prefers a day of rest every now and then and complains with more than two classes a day. I'm still planning to go back to the adult ballet camp in Richmond next summer, but will try to be smarter about pacing myself!


Still, 12 hours a week sounds wonderful...

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You lot are really spoiled for choice!! Some of you managing to find enough classes to allow you to do 10 hours a week!


I'm bitter!


It took me 3 months to find a teacher that actually gave adult classes, and that class is for 1 hour on a Saturday!


I've been calling studios, but their classes are waaaaaaaay to early. I finish work at 5:30, classes usually begin from about 5 to 6 - due to Joburg traffic, I would never make it on time!


Fortunately, my ballet teacher found a lady VERY near me who gives "open" classes twice a week from 6 to 7. Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak off at 5:15 or so, and make these classes on time!


So, for now, I only do 1 hour a week (pfffff!), but hopefully, I'll be stepping up to 3 hours a week. Still not enough, but better than nothing!


Xena, how do you manage 8+ hours a week!!!???



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I have a very understanding husband! whom I'm actually trying to convince to come to class on Sunday mornings with me....so he doesn't feel to left out.

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Guest dancerwannabe

I take 3 classes for about 4.5 hours a week. I wish I could fit in more but I can maybe only fit one other class in occasionally on a Saturday but it's an advanced class and I always feel like a dope in it. I don't know how everyone fits in so much dance time. People must have very liberal worklplaces or a lot of unscheduled free time. I don't know how you all do it but its great. I'm jealous.

In truth, i don't think it matters how many classes a week you take. First, I think it takes some nerve for a lot (even most) adults to initiate adult ballet to begin with, particularly if one hasn't danced previously. But I know so many people who don't do anything. They don't go to the gym, don't run, don't dance, don't even walk or do exersize videos..nothing. So I think no matter how often you go to class, if you do it regularly 1x a week or 10. At least you are committed to learning something new, doing something for your physical well being, and meeting a lot of really great, interesting people that you wouldn't know otherwise. Once you begin to accomplish and have what I call your "Giselle" moment, you will be an addict. And learning ballet has given me a whole new respect for the professional dancer.

There has been such dedication and hard work and time and money... and they pay is pathetic considering all the work that's required. They are truly doing something they love and its obvious.

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