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Richmond Video, Yet???

Guest attitudegirl

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Emailed Heidi and she replyed that the June video was going out in the next few weeks to everyone. Guess the August one will be a couple of months behind that.



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Hi everyone! Browsing through this thread made me feel like I was back in Richmond with all of you. It's been four months but feels like a year. I'm ready to go back tomorrow!


I've added a class a week this term and feel I've progressed alot since this summer. The more time goes by, the more I wonder how I'll react to seeing the video...


Right now I'm back at the office after a spell of the flu, and have had to sit out on two classes already this week (including one going on right now!). Sleeping Beauty is playing at the opera tonight, but I missed it due to late work. I'll make it all up at tomorrow's class, though!

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Anders said, "The more time goes by, the more I wonder how I'll react to seeing the video..."


That's exactly what I was wondering. Maybe a glass of wine before the viewing?

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When I finally got my video from the 2001 session, I felt I'd progressed enough that I was afraid to watch it. I finally plopped it into the VCR the night before I left for the June session this year. I had three beers first and laughed my way through every shot with me in it. Now that I think about it, I probably should have taken the Prosac first.


By the way, spoke with Heidi -- well, E-Mailed, actually. Looking like June 15th and August 3rd for next year. Start stretching.

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