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Guest primapink26

I need some help with my posture. I'm not hunched over or anything but my ballet teacher is ALWAYS telling me to correct it! What is the basis for good posture? Does anyone have any advice, tips, or suggestions for me!??

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Its A, B, C, primapink. Alignment, balance point, control zone. The bones of the body must be aligned, just like building blocks, the weight of the body must be centered and slightly forward with more weight in the forward two thirds of the foot than in the heels, and the arms and legs must be placed correctly in your own control zone for each particular position or movement. We cannot teach you correct placement or posture in this format. Your teacher must do that. It is her/his job. If this has not happened, find another teacher. It's the first thing you should learn.

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And a general purpose quickie checklist runs,


  • Head is centered on the shoulders.
  • Shoulders are over the hips.
  • Hips are over and in line with the knees.
  • Knees are over and on line with the toes.
  • Balance on the feet is as described by Ms. Leigh above.


When I joined the service, when I was being fitted for my first uniform, my Air Force tailor commented that I stood straighter than any man he'd ever seen come through basic training. I said, "There's a reason for that," and let it pass.

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