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Guest ivana brez

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Guest ivana brez

It is kind of hard remembering when I actually started dancing...I thing that was when I was somewhere around age of 4 or 5. My parents always thought that it is good for their children to do something creative in life so they took me to some ballet classes. I liked it very much, so I kept going. You see,in Croatia,where I live,there are no ballet academies or sth. like that. actually there is only one good school and this is where I went. It was pretty hard because I had ordinary school (elementary and high) so in fact I was attending two schools at the same time.So,at the age of 17 I realized that it was impossible to start college (economics;tourism) and finish high ballet scooll. it was very hard for me to decide what I really wanted from life,but conflict I had with my ballet teacher made me quit ballet. Few months later I realized that I couldn't live without dancing,so when I was at my second year of college,I went back to ballet school. They took me in again, I got a new class and a new teacher and now I can proudly say that I this year I am graduating in ballet school and also finishing my college. So,who says that man can't do anything he really wants?!

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Excellent, Ivana!:)


One of the hardest-hit areas of the economic and cultural scene in the former Yugoslavia that followed the breakup of the country was the arts. And of all the arts, ballet probably took some of the hardest blows, as a consequence of the changes in the former National Ballet system. You are to be congratulated for having persevered, and I wish you good fortune in whatever endeavors you follow.:P

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Guest ivana brez

Thank you for supporting me...I was very surprised by your knowledge of the situation in the culture of my country. Yes,it had suffered a lot and the biggest problem in developing ballet is that country doesn't invest too much money. But,we are all trying hard to keep the level we have accomplished and considering our possibilities I dare to say that we are pretty good.;)

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Look at the good side, you now have the ability to live, or help build, a free society.

I've never been a fan of Government subsidized art, good art will survive, bad art will wither. Participation by the community is more important than any government subsidy. So everyone go out and volunteer!



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I'm not going to get into a defense of state-sponsored arts in the former Yugoslavia, save to say that it was historically and economically necessary for the government to run ballet companies, because the local economies couldn't do it, and there is a tradition of state-sponsored art in the Balkans, anyway. The Balkan States have a great tradition of ballet, starting from the Viennese schools when they were part of Austria-Hungary, and moving on through Margarethe Frohman, the Mlakars, Ana Roje, and Oskar Harmos. And that's only the first half of the twentieth century.

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Congratulations, Ivana! I have great respect for anyone trying to go to school and dance seriously at the same time. You are not the only one.

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