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Guest BalletBabe2

hi ok well i need to be more flexiable i mean im a great dancer in all, but like i have soloisis (sp?) and i was wondering if any of u guys know any kind of stretches i could do to be more fleixable. Thanx



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Hello BalletBabe2, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Talk :rolleyes:


Since you are new, it might be a good idea to explore the board a bit. There are lots and lots of topics on flexibility, and many in the Archives section. (Click on Jump To, below, and scroll down to Archives, and YD Stretches and Exercises.)


It would also be helpful if you could tell us exactly what problems you are having with flexibility, as in the hips, hamstrings, ankles or feet, back, what area are you speaking of? Generally your ballet classes are designed to create this flexibility, along with some additional stretching work which should be taught to you in classes. There are no shortcuts or magic pills for this. If you are not naturally very flexible it will take a lot of time and a lot of work. And patience. It won't happen quickly.


I would like to ask you to please spell out the words correctly when typing on Ballet Alert. Abbreviations and acronyms are discouraged, with a few very general exceptions. We have people on the board from all over the world who read and write English as a second language, and they might not understand computereez or teenspeak ;)

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