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Hi! mi name is Veronica!! I already wrote you a letter ... mm .. and I already told you that my English is not very good... Well here is what I want to say...

I would love you to give me some advice plz! or I would like to have new friends from here Ballet Alert, friends with I can share experience and my feelings ( am not very good ) Well I think its truth what you told about THERES NO PERFECT BODY that really helped me! Thank you!

Waiting for your answer Kisses from


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Hi, Veronica, and a belated welcome to Ballet Talk!:D Please feel free to ask any question about technique or class or performance on the Young Dancers' forum. Other topics can be talked about on other forums, and you are welcome to try the whole site out, to find out what it's like. As soon as you have been on the board for two weeks, and have more than thirty posts, you will be eligible to join the Buddy Board, which is dedicated to young dancers chatting. Enjoy!!!

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Thanks for your reply!!

I’ll love to have the privilege of being part of the young dancer s chat!

Please I hope that the ones that are reading this help me!


Kisses form veva


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Im really confused!

I was talking to my ballet teacher and she told me that I was like to tall for being a dancer! Im happy and sad at the time....please I need advices of how to manage my felings!

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Not to worry, Veronica. You may be tall alongside your classmates, but 1.64 meters isn't even 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Hardly tall enough even to remark on.:D

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