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Pink tights!

Guest cygnet2

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Guest cygnet2

This sort of follows on from the dress code thing. Where I take class, there is no dress code, and the classes are open so people come along when they can. Our teacher fairly regularly states a strong preference for us to wear pink tights, with leotard. Some do some don't. But does it really make that much difference? Black tights or unitard are still skin tight, so surely it's still possible to see the line and the correct muscles? Just wondering what most people wear to class!

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Actually, cygnet2, pink or light colored tights do make it a lot easier for the teacher to see exactly what the legs are doing. One can see the muscle definition and the work of the knees much better. :D

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I don't know where I picked the idea up, but while I was a student, I started wearing light gray men's tights. My teacher was very happy with them, as she said that she could see what my muscles and joints were doing far more clearly in gray than in black. So while line is perfectly clear in black, muscle and skeletal action becomes plainer in lighter colors.:D

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Guest Aleksander

Actually, most of the unitards, which I use are in light colours, like white, off- white and beige. Of course I have some unitards in dark colours, but I use them very seldom.


One thing is that it is easier for my teachers to see, how my muscles work.

The other thing is that wearing unitards in light colours makes it possible for me to see my mistakes in the mirrors !

Well, I take ballet classes to improve my ballet technique, and to work properly I need to wear correct clothes. Therefore I was thinking that people, who are taking classes in strange, baggy clothes are not very seriously. Maybe they think that taking ballet classes is kind of entertaiment ?:confused:

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Guest moralesr

I think that is exactly what some people think. I know for a fact there are some people in my adult beginner class who don't work on anything outside of class and just come for the fun of it. Personally I don't see anything wrong with that. I think the instructor very quickly gets a feel for which people in the class want to progress with ballet and which ones are just taking it for fun.


Also, I think that self-esteem plays into it a lot. If someone is uncomfortable with the way their body looks, I would imagine putting on skin tight clothes and standing if front of a big mirror must be very upsetting :D


Personally, I wear a leotard and light colored tights because I want to get as much as I can from the class, but it doesn't bother me that other people wear baggy clothes.

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Guest cygnet2

Well I feared that the pink tights are prefered for good reason. However I'm not so much against their colour as the fact that all my pink tights are so thin they're fairly see through. Maybe I should get some thicker ones? Anyone know any good brands for thicker pink tights?

And I'm tempted by a unitard because it seems more grown up (!) but I guess I'll have to try one in a pale colour. I'm not too bothered about things being skin tight since it helps to see more. Any suggestions would be welcome!


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Guest beckster

I've mentioned these tights before - the debut ones, which are the standard RAD childrens tights, are very thick. They are fully-fashioned seamed, and I think probably nylon. Not very stretchy though, and I personally find them too hot.

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Just to add my bit to the discussion :( YEs tights do become see through, but only if you stick your nose about 6 inches from your bottom or your thighs. Since no one in your class is either 3 feet high or dancing that close to you, I think it hardly matters. You really can't see through them from a distance. Of course if you have a huge hole at the top of your butt crease, then maybe someone might see that when you do a forward port de bras:p

Still I go to class to learn ballet not to look at what people wear or to discuss their clothes or lack of fashion sense. I hope no one does.

You should see the rags some of the professional/advanced dancers wear at the school I go to....it sometimes seems the better you dance, the worse your dance clothes become;)


Also, do you hand wash your tights? they last so much longer than machine washed? and not using Clorox and using a woolen/delicates washing liquid helps.

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I'm amazed when I go to the different classes that I take at how many people just wear baggy clothes. I have found that the better schools have standards. I find that the teachers who are serious tell you what they want you to wear and why. Most of the ones that allow just anything don't take the adult classes too seriously.

It's true that some people are sensitive about their physical state, that's fine, but they need to make sure that the teacher can see if they are doing something that might be hurting them.

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