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ABT is doing "Giselle" in my city in a few weeks and I'm going to audition to be a super! (So excited :D ) I was just wondering if anyone knows what types of parts there are in ABT's version. I've only seen a movie versian of "Giselle," and don't remember any parts with supers. I'm thinking they are probably in the village scenes. Is that right? Any more specific details? Thanks!

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Yes, Hjete, in Giselle the supers are used for court people in Act I.

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In the current ABT production of Giselle, I don't believe that there are any spare villagers who don't dance, but there are courtiers and hunting people with the Duke of Courland and Princess Bathilde. (You always know when she's coming - her music goes, "Here she comes, here she comes, here she comes, the Princess Bathilde...";) )

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