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being black... a problem?

Guest veva

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I can't speak for your teacher, but more and more dark-skinned people are succeeding in ballet, so it can't be such a big deal!:(

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I think you`re right...

It cant be such a big deal...

But I think that how feel its important... and well... being sicriminate like that Really hurt your feellings...

Thanks anybody that helps me!

kisses from veva!


sorry for my writting

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If you feel as though you're being mistreated in class, why don't you sit down with your teacher after class and tell her how you feel? Sometimes, things that we think are happening, aren't there at all, and there's something else going on. If you still feel that you're being discriminated against because of your skin color, then look for a good school where they don't place so much importance on a matter over which you have no control. After all, it's how you dance that counts. And don't worry about your writing - if we can make sense of it, it's good enough!:(

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Guest Leigh Witchel

[apologies to Major Mel for butting in here]


Veva -


This is a subject it helps to take up not only with your teachers, but with your parents. Talk to them as well about what makes you feel like discrimination or prejudice is a problem. Try and give them examples if you can. They may be able to help you sort out the causes, get a clearer picture of what's going on and if it is necessary, approach the teachers and school to deal with the problem.


I hope that helps -

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It's OK, Leigh.:(


Veronica, I agree with Mr. Witchel. You should have some adults aware of how you feel, and your parents are the most logical place to start. There is no reason, in a civilized country like Mexico, in this day and age, for prejudice and discrimination to be allowed to continue.

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I thik youre right.... Maybe its beacuse something else....

I really like having dark skin.. Its something really comun in mexico.. so.. Maybe I was overreacting...



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