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How is pirouette suivi performed? And why do people wear footless tigh


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I was wondering about how a pirouette suivi is performed. (I'm not sure about the spelling though)


Why do people wear footless tights in class? Don't the shoes get really smelly?



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I believe they are consecutive pirouettes, that is one following the other.


As to footless tights, some people just prefer it that way. I don't know why :(

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I don't have footless tights, but I guess:

- they might make your legs look a bit longer

- you can switch from soft shoes to pointe more easily if you like putting padding next to your skin rather than just over your tights


these are guesses though...

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Guest piccolo

I wear black, footless tights for two reasons: 1) I like the line (on me) better. Yes, it probably makes my leg look shorter but it gives the illusion that the top part of my leg doesn't look so much bigger than my ankle. 2) I need to wear toe tape in my pointe shoes but I don't like having to put on the toe tape long before I get into the pointe shoes. (I do 1 1/2 hours of regular class then do pointe.)

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Guest girlintheworld

I wear footless tights, stirups, or the convertible ones with the "foot" rolled up because it gets so hot with footed tights. But I agree, it looks a lot prettier with the footed ones. I do wear foted ones for performances.

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footless tights - I like the convertible ones, so you have both options.


When I wear ballet shoes without tights, the grip feels better, the foot seems to be one with the shoe, I like the stretch of the leather.


I like to have footless to get my pointe pads on, and my tape.


I like to wear footed with the convertible most of the time, it is cooler and less sweaty, but I like the contact of bare skin to the shoes best.


Everyone has their particulars.


In Indiana, the guys wear dress shoes with no socks - mostly loafers - it is the fashion, and has been for decades. :eek:

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I wore footless tights for my first year in ballet. during the summer break I washed all my shoes because they were getting bad. my bag was bearing the brunt of it....so I've switched to footed tights...sometimes I use the old footless tights but I now added thin socks to them.

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