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What can I do about an extra bone in my foot?


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Hi! (again, I have a lot of questions today):P


I have been taking classes for almost a year now. I have always noticed some difficulties for med to point my feet (or walk in extremely high heels) especially my right foot. I went to see a doctor he said that I probably have an extra bone in my foot right above the heel which causes pain. He also told me that I could do stretching exersices with theraband to improve my pointe.


My question is: How much can I stretch? Because I feel pain in my foot with the theraband too. The only time I don't feel pain is when I sit on the floor with the leg bent at the side and pressing down the foot (almost as if you sit on your feet, but without actually sitting on them, so you look like an "M" if watched from above) But when I do this I'm afraid that I might overstretch the front of my foot. Is it possible that my body will produce more soft bone due to my rough treatment? :confused:


I would appreciate any help because I really would like to go en pointe someday. As far as I can see that's not possible with how my feet look like today because I don't think I will be able to "go over" far enough.


My left foot is more flexible than my right one, so when I'm on demi-pointe I notice that spread the weight uneven as the left leg becomes "longer" because on the lackness of flexibility in my right foot.


Okay I will stop rambling...I guess I'm just a little bit dissapointed because of my little extra bone. Maybe I will never be able to do proper tendues or point properly...that makes me really sad. :(

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Suzie, did the doctor not suggest the possibility of removing this bone? I believe that generally, if there is an extra bone which is creating a problem then it can be removed.


As to the stretching, I would be very careful if I were you. You could overstretch it with the exercise you describe.

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yes...umm but since I'm not a millionaire I don't have the money for surgery at a private clinic and at the public ones they won't do that unless it affects my everyday life. (i e if I was the prima ballerina at the Royal Opera). He also mentioned that surgery doesn't always help.


How is the best way to use the theraband, anyway? How much tension should I feel at the front of my foot without hurting myself?

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Suzie, the theraband should provide a feeling of stretch, but not pain. When you work on your feet with the theraband, sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Place the theraband behind the toes and the ball of the foot with the top part of the theraband falling over the toes. Flex and point the foot, using the pull of the theraband to the point of providing resistance, but not so much tension as to cause pain.

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Also, don't worry about producing any more unossified cartilage (aka "soft bones"). Once you're formed at birth, what's there is there, and you won't add to it. Anything you add at this stage of life with be further solidification of cartilage which is already there!:(

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Guest BrendaMc

A few years ago, I had pain in both of my ankles when I pointed my feet. It hurt so bad that I had to quit ballet for about a year. I never had this pain before and why they became inflamed all of a sudden at age 34, I'll never know. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon. He x-rayed my ankles and found out that the bone protrusion (everyone has them) on my ankle bone is longer than average, therefore, when my foot was pointed, rotating the ankle bone, the protrusions would meet up with my leg bone (tibia), causing impingement. Anyway, the only treatment options were: 1) surgical reduction of the protrusion, and 2) Ice the ankles for swelling, take an anti-inflammatory, and to take it easy with the dancing if it pained me too much. I opted for #2 and patiently took a lower class for a while so that I wouldn't have to releve as much. Eventually, the pain eased.

That's my story - hope it helps - maybe a little? :(

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I also went to a orthopedist who X-rayed my ankles. And I think that I have the same problem as you. But I guess that pointe-work is out of question then?:(

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It depends. Ask that specific question of the doctor who examined you. There are general answers, but you've been looked at by a medical professional. S/he will know exactly what your status is. Maybe even recommend a therapist, or a sports medicine physician for specialized treatment.

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Hmm is it only me or? Because the docktor didn't know a thing about pointe work or about how to improve my pointe. He only said that my booth feet look the same. The explanation he gave to me about why my right foot is less flexible than the left was that X-ray is not a very reliable instrument. He was supposed to be specialist in treating gymnasts and dancers...

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I hate that!:mad:


What you need here is a second opinion. There has to be somebody out there who can read your bones and tell you what's going on. In the meantime, Ice and anti-inflammatories if the ankles pain you.

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