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one more question...

Guest Meliss

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Is there a book i can get in order to study terms.. i am not very educated when it comes to ballet terms, any help would be appreciated! thanks!


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Yes, Melissa there are a couple of excellent books. There are also CD ROMs and websites :( The least expensive book is Gail Grant's Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. It is only $5, and is available at most major book stores, including Amazon.com (click on the link above if you plan to order it or any other book via the internet, as the site will get a tiny little commission to help us keep the site going). Another great book is Gretchen Ward Warren's Classical Ballet Technique, which is a lot more expensive, but really wonderful because of the photos as well as descriptions of everything.


If you go to www.abt.org you will find a video dictionary of classical ballet. And there are a couple of CD ROMs on the market, both advertised in Dance Magazine. One is called Ballet is Fun.

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Guest Luv2DancePointe

I saw lot's of books in my new Discount Dance Supply catalog, that I got the other day. So, if you don't get that catalog, go to Discount Dance online and I imagine you could order it (or some) there!!

I hope you find what you are looking for!

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