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bad teacher??

Guest Katrina_54

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Guest Katrina_54

Hey, I was just wondering, my ballet teacher never tells me if I am doing anything wrong, or how to do it properly. I just started ballet, so I am guessing that there would be a few things I would need correction on, or help on to make it better. It's kind of weird though, cause she tells other people if they're doing it right, and tells them how wonderful they are doing it, but she has never once told me I am doing something correctly. Sorry, maybe you wont be able to answer this question because maybe that's just the way she is, but I would really want to know why she never corrects me, or tells me if I'm doing something right. Is she just not noticing me, or does that mean that I have little potenial?




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Katrina, since you just started, you're on a rather sharp learning curve already just learning terminologies and tying them to their positions and movements. She may be taking it easy on you so that you don't go on overload, and get confused. Or perhaps worse, become discouraged because "nothing is right!" You have enough of a job just learning the names of things right now, the corrections and refinements will come later.:(

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