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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Anyone around you can be dancer!

Jaana Heino

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Something so absurd happened today, that I have to share it with you. (Hi, Pekka, if you're reading this...)


My closest boss at work is a great guy, a great boss, etc. He also teaches krav maga, so I was not surpised to see him while I was going to class today - the krav maga people have a salle above the ballet classrooms.


We said hello and talked, and he asked what I was doing there, and I said, I'm going to a dance class. He said he just taught a krav maga class and is sooooo tired, and tomorrow again, as he is preparing for an examination or something. Etc. Then he asked: "What kind of a dance class are you going to?"


"Classical ballet, actually," I said, somewhat abashed.


"Ballet? Don't tell me you practice ballet?" said he, and immediatetly lauched to a port de bras and did some steps very nicely - in his cameo trousers and army boots, in the middle of the lighted darkness of the city in the winter. (!!)


"That looks good," said I, stupidly.


"Indeed?" said he, grinning, and did an allegro combination, counting aloud, and finishing with perfect ballet French: "jeté, coupé, assemblé" - or something such. I honestly am not certain if I totally followed, and I don't know where the combination was from, though it looked vaguely familiar.


I stared. He was good.


"No one told you, I see," he said. "I went to the ballet school of the Finnish National Opera" - this is the ballet school in Finland and he used the verb form that indicated he had finished the schooling - "and I danced for Helsinki city theatre for a few years, too... The people from work used to come and watch me."


Indeed. It's a small world. I still am shocked. :) My krav maga mad boss used to be a pro dancer!


Now I only have to find out what he thinks of adult beginners...:)

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:confused: I may sound really ignorant but what is Krav maga, i have never heard of this and now i am intrigued.

As for your boss, how wierd is that, it really is a small world out there.

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Krav maga is a self defense system that originates from Israel. It is said to be very good, but unfortunately I don't have the time to do it.

If you want to see some exercises, you can watch the movie "Enough" starring Jennifer Lopez. She plays a woman who starts Krav maga to defend herself against her violant husband. In one interview she said that she still practises every day because it is so much fun.


Svenia :D


P.s.: It's ok not to know krav maga as it has just been popular for a short time now. ;)

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Ah, yes, I maybe should have explained that in the first place. Krav maga seems to be pretty popular here in Helsinki currently, but it is a recent development and I have a biased view as I know quite a lot of people who practice different martial arts. :D

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:) Thank you for the explaination i dont feel quite so silly now. I will keep an eye for it over here, i have asked a few of my friends and they too have never heard of it so thanks again.
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