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I went up. . . I came. . . down


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I've finally, for the first time, managed to fall -- it was a beautiful saut de basque, and then I just knew, the second my foot hit the floor, that it was all going south.


My ankle is fine, I can point and flex without difficulty, my foot will bear weight wih some discomfort but no major pain, and the real area of injury is the outer top part of my foot (the right) about one third of the way from the ankle towards my last two toes. I've got a small bump there and I'm icing and resting. Am I doing the right thing? And also, anatomically, what is that part of the foot?


Thank you.

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RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is always a good answer. To me, though, seeing a physician for something like this is always worthwhile. It may be nothing, but an experts insight is best. If nothing else, one needs to be aware of the proper way to treat an injury so it won't re-occur. Some injuries are best treated with ice first, then by alternating between ice and heat. This causes blood enter and leave the injured area, taking with it any deposits or build up around the injured muscles. Knowing which injuries should be treated like this helps one recover faster and stay healthy longer afterward. A doctor or physical therapist can tell you how to treat an injury to prevent re-injury.

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The above post is quite correct; RICE is always in order for a painful condition, and if it proves persistent, a trip to the doctor. You can go over to contrast baths (cold/hot) after about three days, when the acute phase of injury is past.

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I'm no doctor, but it sounds similar to an injury my daughter just suffered (your description of the swelling and the bump were the flags). Sounds like it could be the 5th metatarsal area.

Originally the doctor said it might be fractured, but turned out not to be upon re-xray after 2 weeks in a cast. She actually tore the muscle.


Although both the amount of flexibility you have and weight bearing you are able to do are greater than hers was (by quite a bit), I've learned the importance of a proper diagnosis. It seems this part of the foot can take quite awhile to heal and/or you can cause greater damage easily if not cared for properly.

Seems like the advice of the others to see a physician is the key here. Definitely have it checked out since you are still having pain.


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Thank you all for your words of advice. Thought I'd let you know that the swelling is down, the bump is gone and I've got one heck of a bruise. I feel very lucky!

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How this brings back memories for me, it was only in June that I fell badly on my saut de basque and heard my ankle go snap..lucky for me it wasn't broken, but I felt sick with worry. I am glad you are OK. Looks like that step is a bit 'tricky'. I avoid them like the plague now :(



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Yesterday I tried petit allegro (two legged jumps only) for the first time and it went fine. Today I tried a couple of grand jetes and everything's still OK. But like you Xena, I know I'll be dreading that first saut de basque (something like getting back on the horse!)

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