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ballet schools in Ohio - Newark

Guest Genevieve

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Well, this is just a reading of Yellow Pages, but there's one place that has a name that offers hope - Ballet Academy at 17½ S. Park Place. Try that first, I'd say.


(PS. Welcome to Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online!:(

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I was looking into going to college at Denison University in Granville, OH, which is very close to Newark (about 15 mins if I recall right), and I took class at the school to see how I'd like the program. (I'm interested in minoring in dance if I end up there.) The teacher was Robert Cole, and he used to dance with National Ballet of Canada. After class, he was telling me about the program, and he said that any students enrolled in a dance course at Denison can take class for free as much as they want at his ballet school in Newark. They also have some performance opportunities with his youth company, Central Ohio Youth Ballet. I've seen this company perform twice, but most of the repetoire I saw was contemporary...except a pas de deux to Tchaikovsky music which was excellent (but it should have been because Mr. Cole danced in it with a student ;) ) I don't know if the school connected to the company has another name, but if you can't find it, you could contact Denison University's Dance Department. I hope you find a quality place to study! :(

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I know this thread is old, but I was searching for schools in NJ and the threads mentioned here are about schools in Newark, Ohio, not Newark, New Jersey.

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I have answered your question on the thread you began about schools in Northern NJ. Please use that thread rather than this one. Thank you. No need to answer. :)

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Oops! Sammeecat, thank you for bringing that mistake in the title to our attention. I have edited the title to now reflect the proper state, i.e., Ohio (not NJ).

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