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OK, let's start at the bottom of the picture and work upwards:


See the foot? That looks like it's sickled in slightly, and must be under enormous side-to-side stress.


The knee looks like this is a dancer with a controlled hyperextension problem, but here, it's starting to jam back, making problems for the joint somewhere down the line, if she does this sort of thing very often.


The less said about the alignment of the hips, the better.


With the hips that far out of true, then the twist on the sacro-coccygeal area of the spine must be enormous, and also on the lumbar vertebrae.


The chest and shoulders seem to be collapsed inward, and the latter appear also to be inching upward, although they are concealed by the arms.


If I had any doubt about hyperextension in the supporting leg, it's erased by the appearance of the working one, and echoed by a hyperextended elbow.


In short, this isn't really ballet, it's contortion!


Apart from that, it's a nice picture.;)

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Everything, Svenia :eek: Totally turned in, standing foot sickle, working leg looks like some sort of acrobat from Cirque du Soleil, arms ghastly, and basically it has nothing to do with classical ballet. :mad:

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Wow, that’s a long list. I did see the bad alignment, the “strange” arm positions (if you can call them so), the sickling foot, the hips…, :eek: but I didn’t see that she probably has a hyperextention problem as I haven’t seen this before.


Thank you for answering to this thread although you write about these mistakes everyday. It was just interesting to have it explained by refering to a picture. It’s just sad that she is a ballerina; I thought that pros don’t make such mistakes. :( Maybe she just had a bad day when the photo was taken. In fact it wasn’t very polite to publish this picture anyway no matter who did it…:D



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