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Hallowe'en ballet

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I was wondering if anyone else's ballet teacher was letting their students dress up in class for Hallowe'en.

My teacher is dressing up and I wasn't really going to, but I saw these wonderful pink pussycat ears and this gorgeous purple boa with tinsel in, that I thought 'heck, why not?' I've also got this glitter body and hair spray..which looks great, but I know I'll be sparkling for a couple of weeks after!


So is anyone else dressing up at all for class?

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Nope, Halloween is not really a Finnish custom, and even though we have started to adopt the custom of having dress up parties around this time of year, the dressing up has not reached ballet salles yet. :(


(No trick-or-treating hereabouts, either. But around Easter kids go around from door to door and get candy in exchange for decorated willow branches and good wishes for the coming year, and I think once a year of that is enough :D)

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Yes I guess you could say that Beckster. I think Halowe'en here is bigger than Christmas. yOu get all the horror movies, the endless Hallowe'en shops the tacky merchandise, talk about marketing campaign..you get HAppy HAllowe'en cards..can you believe that?

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Hey, I don't have class on Thursday, but I do on Wednesday...




Speaking of costumes, I thought doing a black tutu thing with spiders and webs and a little vamp paint would be a kick. The hair could be very spooky...


One of my classmates on saturday had orange boxers with pumpkins on over her leo. Really cute!

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I just think it's too bad there aren't any more outhouses to hoist up onto the barn roof anymore! Especially with somebody in it! ;)

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Fear not - just good old Yankee "Devil's Night" (the night before Halloween) traditions!;) Kids also used to steal peoples front gates right off their hinges.

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That sounds like more fun than just weaving toilet paper through tree branches and soaping up car windows.

I think I am going to wear my Peter Pan outfit to class tomorrow night. I hope my teacher has a good sense of humor.

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hello everyone, Like Beckster said we dont at our school especially as it is half term but we do usually dress up for the last class before christmas. Only eight weeks away.:D

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Guest BBNButterscotch

LOL... My grandfather used to live out in somewhat "country"ish suburb- type place, and one Halloween he, and like, five of his friends, sawed these people's (wooden of course) steps right of their porch! If I did that now, I'd be arrested. But it's a funny story! :)

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For Halloween, I went to ballet class as....





a male dancer!


seems like dance clothes are already enough of a costume.



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