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Any ballet media clips on the web?


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I thoroughly enjoyed looking at Het National Ballet's clips from performances today, and was wondering if there are any more like it out there. I know for sure that Royal Winnipeg Ballet School has some clips, and ABT has that online dictionary, but I was wondering about any other dancing clips. Oh and the Prix de Lasaunne from the past few years can be viewed online also. Any I'm missing out on? Thanks!:(

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I'm a mom (Ms. Leigh you can delete this if you want), but I noticed that nobody has replied to your post. If you go to a search engine like Google, and type in "ballet video clips" lots of sites will come up with short clips from performances at different ballet companies and schools. I looked at a few this morning myself. Hope this helps you.

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Guest primapink26

Another site is the Pacific Northwest Ballet's page-www.pnb.org


I'm not sure if its exactly the thing your looking for but they have tons of interviews with dancers about there dancing and i think the best one is the one about Maria Chapman! So go check it out!

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