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I've recently switched to wearing footed tights...it was the result of a smelly shoe thing, you know, anyway I still have tons of footless tights. I want to use them, but I need to get socks thin enough not to stretch the shoes...any ideas

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You can get white socks in dress weight, which is rather fine, or Leggs makes a microfiber "trouser sock" which is very fine. Either one should work easily for you.

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I had a teacher give me a great tip about the smelly shoe thing. A sheet of Bounce fabric softener in each shoe after class. Each sheet lasts a month or so, and the shoes smell just fine -- dance bag no longer smells like dance shoes. And the added perk -- no more static cling!:D

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The interesting thing about fabric softener sheets is that they're made with a cationic detergent. This is a detergent that works not by repelling dirt particles, that's for an anionic detergent, or just loosens the grime, that's nonionic. Cationic detergents soak up the dirt and carry it away when you remove them from the garment. That's why it's a good idea not to reuse a sheet after dryer loads.

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the sock issue: I wear nylon (is it nylon in english, or does it have another word??) socks, very thin, like the ones ladies use, exept you cant see through them! I buy mine in normal clothe-shops

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I wear men's nylon dress socks. I have bought them at K-Mart and Wal-Mart.

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