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Isn't it funny?

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I find this quite funny...

We buy these beautiful pointe shoes for what? on average $45-50 a pair. We get them, then we strip the satin off in places, file down the leather soles, mash them between doors, bang them against cupboards, sew ribbons and elastic onto them, burn them, stick things on them and then we're happy.

I just think its so funny. I can not think of any other person who would do that to a pair of brand new shoes, whether they be tap shoes, jazz shoes or fencing boots...

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Guest fastfeets

Don't forget dunking them, feet and all, in water to get the fit(which is already really tight) just perfect.


And mom always told me to take care of my things...muhahahaha

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I'm happiest when i have doused them in calamine lotion. Dunking your shoes in coke or lemonade is also great if you don't have any rosin(people who we hire the stage from don't think it is so great). Isnt half the fun buying the shoes knowing that you are going to totally restyle them. Mad bunch us dancers. :)

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Guest ivana brez

My mom always says "Just look how beautiful they are when they're new. Why do you always have to ruin them?" She simply doesn't get it. How can we not simply adore our worn out,dirty and ruined shoes?? And the older they are, I love them even more.

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Guest IrishKitri

Oh yes I agree with the above poster!!! The older and uglier my pointes are (or were 5 years ago :-)), the more I love them. Show´s me how hard I work in them *ggg*


Hey, what about banging them against floors? What I also did was to cut out the plastic box of my old Paul´s (Germany) shoes and put them in my old Grishko´s to support the box. I seem to be a pointe-shoe-surgeon, b/c it worked perfectly :(

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