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Costume Suggestion Anyone?


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I'm accompanying my son trick or treating tonight and a number of parents get into the swing of costumes. I don't usually, but since I have a Tshirt that says "corpse de ballet" I was thinking of wearing that, an old pair of pointe shoes and. . . what else?


Ain't got no tutu, ain't appearing in public in a leotard and tights without significant coverage (vanity and weather). Are there 'accessories' that might help? Or is this just the stupidest idea you've all ever heard in your lives?

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Wear black fleece or warmup pants, put ace bandages around your legs, a couple of ice packs hanging around your neck, some containers or BenGay or Tiger Balm artfully strewn about....

(work that "corpse" idea!)


You can use your dance bag to carry the extra candy.......


You'll get inspired as you start to get dressed!

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Guest BBNButterscotch

Hee hee. I had to dress up for work (i work with kids and college students both), and I went as a traditional ballerina. I wore an old dance costume (pink lyrical dress), pink tight, pink ballet sweater, and I wore my hair in a bun with a tiara. I didn't wear pointe shoes tho, because I though my feet would hurt walkin around in them, so i just wore ballet slippers.



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