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Richmond Video


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The Richmond Video has been sent out...


It looks GREAT ! ! !


What a fine way to remember this special week this summer.



Let me know your thoughts.




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Guest DancerLegs

OK, I'll start. I watched the video last weekend and must confess it was downright depressing to see myself. It was fun to see everyone else and relive the experience a bit, though. I just wish the wonderful time I was having showed more in my dancing. Something to work on, I guess.


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I felt that same way,,,,, Was that really me......


I looked at all the errors that can be caught on video tape versus what we thought happened in our minds.


Perhaps we are being too critical......


Let's remember the good times and the enjoyment.



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Well, at least you two are brave enough to have looked. I haven't gotten up the nerve yet.


Although I'm sure my legs aren't straight and feet are rarely pointed, I'm currently a little apprehensive about whether the tape includes the part in the piece from Paquita when we had to do the arabesque chugs around each other. I always felt as though I was diving desperately around Carolyn and had an expression to match!


Erica and I have made arrangements to watch it together with some glasses of wine. It will be great to see everybody and remember how much fun it was. I'm planning to go in June again next year no matter how I feel about the video!



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Yes the Paquita is on the tape.


As is a GREAT Partnering piece with you and your's truly.


I did enjoy watching that part and remembering how well we worked together.



I think perhaps a glass or two of wine BEFORE you put the tape in and then a few as you watch.


It is 45 minutes long.



Prince Rob

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If I hold true to past experience, I'll ignore the tape until the night before I leave for next years intensive. Then I'll spend an hour or so with whatever alcoholic beverage is my current choice, then pop in the tape. I do not have the nerve to watch myself without the liberal assistance of mind altering libations.:) This year it was apple martinis.

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Thanks for the kind words on the partnering. I enjoyed working with you and hope we can try it again next summer!

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Old Shoe:


There is quite a bit of the 'chugs' on that video including you and Carolyn practicing. Although I thought the two of you looked pretty good. Luckily the camera was off Susan and I during the 'chug practice time':) Unfortunately, one thing that made the tape was our group practicing our 'runs'.


Overall though, I thought the video looked great. It was fun to watch. My husband loved the slow motion shots.

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Guest Aurelie

Ok, with all this talk about the video I really want to see it. At the time I could not afford the tape but I can right now. Who knows the address and how much I need to send to get my copy of the tape. Although I hate to see myself I want to re-live the fun times.


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I'm not sure I'll be getting the tape any time soon as it will have to be converted into PAL format and shipped across the Atlantic. I'll be glad however to join you for a few glasses of wine while I wait!


I really look forward to experiencing the atmosphere from this summer, and seeing you all again!

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Happy w/my dancing ....not! But the wonderful warm feelings of doing what I love w/the only other people that REALLY know how important it is to us.


I just stuck w/my vino rosso...apple martinis, yuck! 2LF, got to get you up here to pinot noir county!


Anders, happy to hear you plan to return.

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Not enuf whine in all of California to get me to watch myself on video. I have only one video of myself dancing, A very bad "graduation ball" I look lifeless, plodding.



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