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SIs more than a week long?

Guest Jeujeucda

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Guest Jeujeucda

Hi everyone,


Does anyone know of SIs that accept adults that are more than a week long? Anything in Canada too?


The Richmond sounds wonderful, but it's kind of too pricey (the exchange is killing me) and it's only a week. I'm hoping to find something that's more akin to what's available for teens, i.e. at least two to three weeks.


This past summer I attended the adult portion of the SI here at the Edmonton School of Ballet, but it's only a 1-1/2 hr class Mon-Thu evenings, and just two weeks. It was fun but hardly intensive. I want something that'll treat us seriously and stay focused on what we're supposed to be doing.




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Well there's harbour dance at the above listed website. There is the forufera centre at www.forufera.com There is also the pacific ballet theatre and Douglas ballet. it really depends on what part of the city that you are in. Where are you?..what level are you at?

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I see why the link didn't work. When ending a sentence with a URL, resist the natural inclination to end the sentence with a period. The URL reader sees it as just another dot. I fixed it; it works now.

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The Richmond sounds wonderful, but it's kind of too pricey


For the record, 500 bucks may be a lot of money, but for what you get out of it, Richmond is NOT pricey.


I just felt I had to say that.

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