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Angle of foot on pointe? (Title change from extra bone 2nd topic)


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Is it possible to dance en pointe without 180 degrees of pointe? That is the angle from your leg to your toe without cramping the toes. (I have only 170 on my left foot and 160 on my right one).

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Susanne, I'm a bit confused here about what you mean about 180º of point. If you're referring to the axis from the knee to the point of the toe, it's certainly more difficult, the farther that the foot doesn't point, because you won't be able to get cleanly onto the platform of the shoe. I think I'm going to split this off from this thread, as it doesn't have to do with extra bones, but is an issue all to itself.

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And I changed the title, Susanne, since there is already a topic with the other name :)


I'm afraid I don't totally understand your question either, but then that is probably because I'm hopeless with that kind of math thing :) Can you perhaps explain how that angle is obtained and how you arrive at 180 degrees for the position of the foot on point?

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Hmmm...I'll try.


If you measure the angle between your leg and a line drawn from you ankle to the tip of you toe you will probably have 180 degrees (or more) if you measure a professional dancers foot. That is: They have a straight line from the knee to the toe.


And let's visualize when someone not pointing their foot properly, then you will not receive a straight line from the knee to the toes.


And if you stand normally on your booth feet you will have a 90 degree angle between your leg and that line drawn from the ankle to you toe.


I try to illustrate this with a hmm picture(?) :)(sidewiev with the nose facing the left)




/ Foot, here the angle is less than 180


Hope I don't confuse you too much!:confused:

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