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I am interested in taking a SI next summer but i dont know how to get any information. I would love to be a pro. but i know it is unlickly if i keep things the way they are now because i dont have turnout at all and have hard time balancing. (Even though i practice and practice..) But i want to get all the help i can get so i can overcome my problems. I dotn know when it is time to start looking for summer intensives but the way i think about it better to ask too soon than too late. Any information that you give me would be GREAT, THANKS!!


(P.S. I have been looking for a dance dictionary):)

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You can check the web sites of the various schools now, as several already have their audition tour schedule up. In mid December the January issue of Dance Magazine will be out, and that will have ads for almost all of the programs. There is also a thread already on the Moms and Dads forum which lists several of the major schools' schedules, or the place to go to see them. Most of the auditions are held in January, February, and early March. Many schools also accept video auditions.

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