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Ok.. I have an problem..


My right foot/ankle is weak. Whenever I wear my pointe shoe the shank kind of moves to the side. My fitter today said it was because I was sickling a little..

I will admit that I tend to use my left leg more because the big toe on my right foot is(or seems to be) very sensitive and burns*I just got new padding and I think this problem is solved for now*.


Am I sickling because its not strong enough or is it a bad habit? Otherwise, my left foot looks okay(the arch is usually deeper in my left shoe, thats believeable).


If its strength thats needed, I got that book today called "Dancer's Dozen" and some bands to strengthen my ankles.. Anything else suggested?



My mom suggested(the shank prob.) that it might be the way my feet are shaped?



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Hello Hopefuldancer, welcome to Ballet Alert! Online :)


Sickling is really a question about technique rather than pointe shoes, so I'm going to address your question and then move the topic to the Young Dancers' forum. I'm not sure whether you are in the 13-16 or 16-22 category, but I'm going to take a guess and put it in the younger group. If this is not correct, let me know and I will move it.


Sickling is a bad habit, and there are several causes. Most often it is a matter of incorrect use of your rotation, but it can also be from overpointing, turning out too far, or the shape of your legs and feet. Your teacher is the one to address this problem, as she can see you. Surely you have been corrected for this before? If so, it would be good to try and find out from your teacher what she/he feels is causing you to sickle.


Working with the theraband is good, as long as you know how to do it correctly. It can help you to strenthen the muscles that will hold your foot in a straight line and not sickle :)

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Thank you for your info.. I'm 16 so I guess this subject would fit in either age group :)


If it is the shape of my foot, is there anything that can be done?(My feet I guess are weirdly shaped, they are wide around the ball and have tiny heels.. when my mom danced she said she had the same problem as well as kind of feet...)


One of my teachers did point this problem out, but he didn't speak much english so I couldn't understand him and vice versa.


It the shank is moving to the side, could this be caused by any other problem? I was turned in when my mom noticed the position of the shank, so I don't think this is a matter of turn out.


Thank you!

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I had a message from Beckster about this, and she said that if you go to the Freed site, www.freedoflondon.com/ballet/index.htm

and click on the Pointe Shoe Fitting section, you will see that this slipping to the side can happen if the shoes are too narrow. Check it out :P

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Thank you! :P I guess my feet are just weird because I really don't think I'm sickling.. I think the shoes make it look that way.


Its almost like the shoe wants to sickle, lol.

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