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i figured out my problem but how to fix it is another. You know when your en point and the front part of your foot is suppose to be arched over your toes well mine isn't. I know I have to point harder from my ankle but what else can I do.

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Sounds like time for the old over-the-instep stretch! You can use resistive exercise equipment, like therabands, resistabands, or their like, including old tights, rubber tubing, &c., to provide your foot with a resistant force to push against. You can also sit on the floor with your feet drawn up, so you can easy get to them with your hands, and point-and-flex alternately, but on every point, manipulate (yes, with your hands) the foot until it's pointing correctly. You can also have a friend help you by manipulating your feet to a straight point while you sit or lie down with your legs extended in front of you. Make sure you trust this friend to know where straight is, and also stay in close communication with them, in case the stretch becomes more like pain! Easy does it.

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You know, this isn't really about pointe shoes, but more about pointING. I think I'll relocate it to Adult Students.

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