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I forgot to mention something that made me really happy

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I mean, other than actually making some progress.


This isn't about me, really. It's my 9 yr old son. He started ballet three weeks ago!!! He took a few months worth of classes before we moved here, but just asked if he could start up again! One of the girls in his class is also in his 3rd grade class (her brother takes classes with me. Small world!). So far, none of the kids at school are giving him any static, and he's loving it! In fact, he's constantly surrounded by the girls who take ballet, too (at various other schools...). They all want him to be their future dance partner! Heh heh heh....he would prefer to throw them all out a window, of course. He's still of the mind that girls have cooties.


He's so flexible, it's sickening. His teacher seems to think he's potentially very good.


I'd love to see him stick with it, but I'm also not keen on losing him to a ballet school at age 15 or something...*sniff* :)


Anyway, I just had to share that

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thats really cool I have a 9 yr old son too. Right now he's too into kickboxing to even think about ballet. That would have to be his choice anyway...great story I hope that he keeps it up

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Thanks, mic. I would like to see where he goes with this, too. He was involved in martial arts a few years back (I used to teach it....) and was a natural with the kicks. He's quite coordinated and insanely flexible. I suspect he has grace in there somewhere, too. But it will always be his decision to continue or not. I wont push him to keep up if he's not enjoying it. I've told him that, quite clearly. It's too hard an endeavor if you dont truly love it. He's very bad with rejection, and I'm sure that if he follows this path he'll have a tough time with that, but we'll deal with that when and if he gets there.


For now, though, it's a joy to see him leap and spin with that big grin on his face :)


9 yr olds are so cute that way, arent they? It amazes me how a little kiddo can be kicking, with that fierce intent, with a big smile on their face. I can't tell you how much that always made me smile, too. :)

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it is amazing to watch kids learning things. My little fella is about to have his high yellow belt test on wednesday. Sometimes he comes to my class some evenings with his mum to pick me up. He gets to see the last ten minutes or so. He watches intently but pretends to not have much interest. Then I'll see him either in the house or walking to my class with his mum and he's trying everything...It's really the girl thing that is scaring him away I think...but I don't try to push ballet at him, if it's an interest that he wants to persue then great if not then c'est la vie

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