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some of my friends and I are trying to find out if there is a small ballet that we can learn. There are 5 of us 2 guys and three girls ..any suggestions?

We just want to learn something for the sake of putting our training to use...We aren't sure wether we'd ever perform as a group or not.

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You could find one additional woman and try the pas de six from William Tell, attributed to Bournonville, but a word of warning, it's pretty difficult.

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With classics you usually are on safe ground, but 3F/2M is a tough combination to come up with for classical material. You could do any number of pas de deux or pas de trois, but I can't think of any pas de cinq off the top of my head that's cast that way.

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I would imagine that if you're not going to perform, then copyright of choreography is much less of an issue. Practicing choreography you see on a videotape in the privacy of your own studio might fall under the fair use copyright guidelines.


That said, it is impossible to get a really good result practicing stuff you see on a videotape, without the choreographer (or someone who knows it really well) there helping out. A lot is lost on video.

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Even some kinds of public performances are covered by the Fair Use Doctrine, but I won't get into it here; that's why copyright and patent has so many lawyers in it!


But citibob is right; no matter what you want to learn, you'll need a coach to get the thing right!:)

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