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Looking for adult classes in NYC area...

Guest sneds

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I've recently moved back to the NYC area, and would like to take up ballet again (after about 18 years!). Thus, I'm searching for a place to take ballet with other adults!

Ideally, I'm looking for a class/school in Southern Westchester County or far southern Connecticut.


Just a little background:

I'm 25, and took about 2 years of ballet when I was very little. I haven't taken ballet since, but I've been ice-skating for the past 2.5 years and have taken Pilates for the past 1.5 years.


I'm looking for an adult/young adult class that would meet 2 (maybe 3) times a week, with the same teacher most of the time. I'd like to get a solid grounding in ballet technique with an eye on improving my muscle strength (I have more flexibility than strength to support it right now), flexibility and posture.

It's partially to help with my skating, but also because I've wanted to take ballet for a long time!



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There is an adult beginner's ballet class at Byram Arts Center in Byram (part of Greenwich CT) Mondays at 7:30pm.


Tuesdays, there is an adult beginner/intermediate class at 8pm at East Coast Youth Ballet in Stamford CT. (1122 E. Main St, which is Rte 1)

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Try the Mid-Westchester YM-YWHA in Scarsdale 914-472-3300 it's just off the Hutchinson River Turnpike.


The Scarsdale Ballet Studio (really in Eastchester also right off the "Hutch" in a shopping center with a NY Sports Club, Borders Books, Lord and Taylors, etc.) 914-725-8754.


And, in Greenwich, CT there is an arts community center that offers ballet for adults...their number is 203-622-1533 - if this isn't the correct number, I'm sure they can refer you.


Stamford also has another ballet studio/school but I'm not sure of it's name...it used to be affiliated with the East Coast one, mentioned above...


Here is another handy number if you're in the Greenwich/Stamford area: it's staffed by volunteers and is called "Community Answers" 203-622-7979.


And finally, here are two area ballet shops Repertoire Dance Shop 914-722-2440 in Scarsdale, NY and Beam and Barre in Greenwich, CT 203-622-0591.


Good luck Sneds! Let me know if I can offer any more helpful hints. I am, alas, not an adult ballet student but merely the mother of a young ballet student...but I know the area quite well. :) Welcome back to the NY metropolitan area!:cool:

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Guest Jeujeucda

Hi Kate,


Your history sounds so similar to mine! Only I don't have as long a history in Pilates and don't have the time to do it right now. I can't help you with looking for classes, but I just wanted to give you a friendly "warning" ;) ..... it's really EASY to get addicted to ballet on top of skating! That's what happened to me --- I'm now doing both as intensively as I can fit into my schedule, and piano too. Which means I have very little time for a real "social life" now... but I love it!



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BW wrote:


The school of East Coast Youth Ballet used to be called Ballet Stamford, but that name was dropped. Now the school is just called East Coast Youth Ballet School.


Byram Arts Center is a newly-formed organisation, which offers a low-priced performance space for companies. The phone number is 203 531 8016.

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Marilyn Miles teaches in the old Greenwich town hall Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10

The Ballet school of stamford on Summer St. has Lots of adult classes, give them a call.

Sono Ballet in Norwalk has classes too, they are on Main Street.

Connecticut Ballet on Acosta St. in Stamford has classes too.


Write me if you have questions.



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