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so how addicted are you ?

Guest mic31

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I am starting this thread because I am hopelessly addicted to ballet. when I go to a dance shop I tend to buy way too much..I'm forever practising, I even have a studio in my home. Class music got it, books got them too, ballet scores.....well as you can see I'm a happy basket case. I guess I need AA or something. That's right AA is for alcoholics , I'm a balletaholic, so I guess I need BA. thats here!!!

I guess I'll start the meeting, my name is michel and I'm a balletaholic.


anyone else want to join? :confused:

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I didn't recognize my addiction until you identified it. I'll confess: I've got it too. (or in AA terms, "hello, my name is Scott and I'm an addict.")


I don't have the studio floor (yet). But, I have the space in my house, and I've been thinking about it. My collection of ballet CDs seems to grow and grow. I own DVDs and VHSs of performances by groups I've barely heard of.


Right now, I'm away from home on a business trip. What's the first thing I did when I landed here Saturday?... buy a copy of the local paper just in case some company was performing something I could go see at the last minute. Tomorrow I'll take a local dance class to get my movement fix before flying home.


But taking class 2 to 4 times a week just doesn't satisfy my needs. I need to hear ballet music and see live performances. I'm a not only a season subscriber to Colorado Ballet, but so smitten with them I pay to go to seminars to listen to the artistic director tell us what he likes to cook and eat! Last year his seminar "cooking with Martin" digressed to his showing off his collection of unusual kitchen pots and we all loved it!


I admit it. I'm an addict, but at least its a positive addiction.

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Way too addicted, I swear I get cold sweats if I don't go to class and sit on the sofa rocking back and forth, desperate to get my fix. ;) Then if I don't have enough money to get to class, I beg my husband to lend me some money so I can go. I have about 4 years of washing up to do in return mind you..but its worth it.

Then, there is the fact that being a student I don't really have a disposable income, but when I go into that dance shop, its like this craving. Even when I'm not at ballet, I'm on this board. I should be writing a draft of my paper now....OK guilt trip already.:) better go.

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I too am hopelessly addicted! The wish list function on the Discount Dance web site is excellent for the urge to acquire ever more dance stuff. Although it is unlikely that I will EVER need another pair of pointe shoes (I only occasionally do the barre and never let go any more!), I have my next pair all picked out.


Isn't it fun??

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I must admit that I am very contented being an addict and I'm really not searching for a cure. actually I must confess that I started this thread to see if there is anything that I may have overlooked

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I wouldn't consider myself the Robert Downey of ballet, but I'm hooked.


Can't walk into a dance store without buying something I don't need.


Can't travel somewhere without at least looking up local adult classes (just in case).


Won't go to New York without a pilgrimage to Steps.


Scan the cable menu every week for possible dance shows.


Pour over the weekend paper for upcoming dance events.


Made a big donation to a local theater just so I could call up and complain to get better seats for next season (it worked).


I can stop a conversation on a dime and turn it to the nuances of a pointed foot anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody.


The list could go on...

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Guest moralesr

I have to say I fit into the category of addiction too. I am turning the extra bedroom in my apartment into my own little studio. I have a bar up now and will have mirrors up by the end of December. Whenever friends and family ask me what I want for my Birthday or Christmas, my answers are always ballet related.

I talk about it all the time and spend way to much time at work on this board. I can't get enough of the ballet paraphanelia (tights, leotards, shoes, books, videos, etc).




I'm always so happy when I come home from class, I think my husband would agree it's as if I'm high on ballet.

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Guest mathiskewl

Definite addict!


I spend way too much time looking at things dance related on the internet. For christmas and birthdays, I just want things dance related. I could care less that I need new clothes! I keep myself away from dance stores -- much too dangerous. It seems I only think about when I'll be able to go to my next class and where I'll get the money for it. Gee, sounds as if I may have a problem here... And I think my officemate only hears me talk about ballet. Luckily, he's patient and listens. Of course I listen to him talk about football, so it's a fair trade!

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I once was so in need of a ballet fix that I contemplated knocking off a 7-11 for cash. The line of former 70's TV stars waiting to rob the place was so long I had to give it up. So much for my would-be life of crime. Besides, I got sidetracked by the article on Kathy-Lee getting ready to launch her own kids dancewear line in the National Enquirer.

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Guest Gray Shoes

And here I thought it was just me with this affliction. It's great to see I'm not alone. Now if someone can tell me how to make up for all of the lost time, all of those years when I wasn't learning how to dance.

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Guest fastfeets

Well, let's see....last January I started back after a looooong break with one class on saturday mornings, and then three short classes a week. Moved here, found a school after many frantic tries at places that just didn't offer anything (and let me tell you, i cried, i screamed, i gathered all my ballet things and put them in a box thinking it was not to be...)..and started with just two clases a week. Now I'm up to 5 hours a week, and am about to add another 90 minutes, and that's just at the one school. I found out there's a morning, adults class nearby twice a week....muhahaha....


I'm not sure about this addiction thing...I mean, getting all cold-sweaty and itchy when more than 24 hours go by without a class is normal, right? ;)

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Many, many professional dancers are addicted. It is one direction that some are lucky enough to be able to take their passion for dance. The love doesn't fade, at least not for me; I'm reminded daily of THAT at various points, usually watching someone else in the studio.


No, love doesn't grow cold. But you go deeper, and eventually some things change for you. I dance so much I have no need to dance (or move at all) outside of required class and rehearsal. I worry more about how I'll find the money to pay bills than how I'll find money to pay for ballet class (which is provided by the company). Ballet can no more be an escape from "real life" because it IS real life. I actually spend a certain amount of time in the studio, daydreaming about what I'll do in the 1 hour after rehearsal ends but before businesses close. I would never put a barre in my house. And do not, I repeat DO NOT EVER play the Nutcracker within earshot of a professional dancer.


But then there's the summer, and it's different. The long, slow summer. No rehearsals. No shows. Just waiting, waiting, and constant daydreaming about being back in the studio. Taking class every day but nothing else. That can be nearly unbearable.


Is this the description of the end of the line, the ballet skid row? At least it's somewhat "respectable" to others.

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Well, I don’t like the word addicted because of its pathological implications. People get addicted to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and so forth. I tend to think of it as dedication, interest, perhaps even passion. I also think the test is for how long you maintain your high level of interest.


Personally, I guess I do my share of unusual things. I work at home so I dance an hour at noon every weekday, either a mini ballet class or jazz class. I get to class a little over an hour in advance and have a little place where I can warm-up (actually a mixture of a ballet barre and stretching). And at 5 PM every day I do a little half hour stretching. Dinner is something that happens on the weekends.


All my dance money goes into classes. I have the minimum of dance clothing because I would rather spend the money on class. I also don’t go to that many performances, oddly enough. I dislike the old Romantic ballets, much preferring the more contemporary even if it disappoints a little.

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In what way does the more contemporary dissapoint?

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Hello, I'm Deisy and I'm a balletoholic. :lol:


I'm 27, finished Advanced 2, with absolutely no chance of being a world-class balerina because I'm not so technically good. :P

But I simply have to go to my ballet class everyday. The only reason I don't go on Sundays is because my teacher simply refuses point-black to have Sunday-classes as she needs to spend some time with her family. And now I also have to spare one day a week to teach RAD grade 2, grade 4, and Intermediate-foundation classes.

I hate ballet-class holidays. My muscles go all stiff and I get easily sleepy when we're on holidays. And the worst thing, after the holidays, it takes me at least two classes to get my pirouettes back!! :innocent:

I use various ballet positions (unconsciously) when doing simple things in daily life. For example, I take a book out of a high library shelf in arabesque en demipointe.. :sweating:

I should have no reason in taking so many classes or hoping for more improvements in myself. But I'm a balletoholic, so.. there's nothing I can do. I simply have to dance, dance, dance.. :thumbsup:

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