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SI's in Canada?!?

Guest primapink26

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National Ballet of Canada and Winnipeg Ballet. I think there are a couple of others but not sure of the names.

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Guest Jeujeucda

Sorry Ms. Leigh, I know I'm not a young teen but I thought I'd add that the International School of Ballet in Calgary, Alberta sounds very good, and also Alberta Ballet. Their websites are:


International School of Ballet (Calgary AB)


School of Alberta Ballet


I haven't done any research into them except browse their websites though, but they do have very good reputations.



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Guest Makayla

I dont know if this is the type your looking for, I dont think its as "professional" as much as Winnipeg Ballet and such,

but there is one offered each summer at Acadia University in Wolfville Nova Scotia. There have been teachers there who have studied at National Ballet School of Canada, and so on. I think the camp is made possible through DANS, but I'm not sure. It probably goes through the middle two weeks in August.


Anyways, one of my friends went to that camp for 5 years until she was too old to attend, and has VERY high thoughts about it, and claims it is a huge contribution to her confidence, her technique and imaginative ideas. :)

Hope this helped some!

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Guest OttawaMom

I'm a mother so I apologize for posting on this site (you can delete if this is a no-no). My daughter is in the year-round professional program at The School of Dance in Ottawa, Ontario and she attended her first SI there this past summer (2002) and loved it. They don't have a residence but do arrange billeting for out-of-town students. Here is the website:




Another school that is well recommended is The Quinte School in Belleville, Ontario:




P.S. You will be able to find out more info on these schools once the SI survey comes out.

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Let's get some general assistance from anybody passing by: I confess to an abysmal ignorance of things Canadian that I ought to know better (just like a yankee, right?); I am often aware of things going on in Ontario, and sometimes Quebec, when I can get them to talk to me;). Thanks for the tip on Alberta and Manitoba - any more in those provinces? How about BC? Saskachewan? More Maritimes?

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I can tell you about the three that we have had experience with.


Quinte Ballet School.... The programme is divided into two parts...one for auditioning students and one for recreational.

The students live in the residence of a private school and walk to classes at the ballet school(at least I assume they are still walking but maybe not now that the new building is further away from the residence). Check out their website for information about auditions etc. http://www.quinte.net/ballet/index.html


National Ballet School.... Auditioning students only....no recreational program. Students live in NBS residence and take classes on site. Excellent program including stretch and strength as well as character, ballet etc. Check out http://www.nationalballetschool.org/ for more information.


Royal Winnipeg Ballet School..... auditions have already happened in some places. Excellent program again. Students live in residence attached to the ballet school. I believe they run a one week program in August as well as the 4 week one for auditioning students in July. Check out http://www.rwbschool.com/home.htm


I hope this helps somewhat.



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The RAD International Summer School is run by the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre each summer in Toronto. There is no audition, placement is by your current level of training, although switches are made over the first week. In the middle (pre-el/grade 5) and lower level, it is a more rounded program with more of a focus on modern dance and repretoire than ballet. At the highest level (elementary/grade 6 upwards), you choose your main focus (ballet or modern). It runs for three weeks in July. Housing is available at local university residence.


By the way Mjr. Johnson, RAD Canada has a new web site up if you want to find out infor about the RAD across Canada. It's address is http://www.radcanada.org

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