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Need help finding a CD of ballet music

Guest DancerLegs

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Guest DancerLegs

Hi All,

This week my instructor is using the most gorgeous music for plies - it makes me feel like I could just float around the room. I asked what it was, and she told me it's the first track on the CD "Ballet Music for Barre and Center", with David Howard and Adam Pernell as pianist. I have done Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista searches, and looked through my dance catalogs to no avail. Lots of David Howard, but not that one. I am afraid it may be out of print and I will have to perish from frustration (please excuse the melodramatics - it's been a rotten week). Is there a site like Kultur Videos that has CDs? If you have any idea where I could obtain this CD, I'd really appreciate a lead. Thanks!

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Guest beckster

I might have found it on a British site. There are two CDs which have these artists and this title. Go to http://www.dancebooks.co.uk and type in RRCD6027 or RRCD6035 in the search. Unfortunately it doesn't tell you what the tracks are or any more information. You may not want to buy from a british company anyway because of the price of CDs over here and also the shipping costs, but it's a start! At least they exist and aren't out of print!

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