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What's a unitard?

Guest Anders

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What is a unitard? Is it that thing with a top and bottom in one? I'd like to try one of those. Isn't it really hard to find one that works though? I mean between the two variables leg length with torso length there would have to be so many different sizes? Also, don't you feel naked in it?

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A unitard is like tights and a leotard in one - a one piece garment that covers top and bottom. Since they stretch, you can normally find one that fits OK. If you have short legs or torso, expect some fabric bunching. As for feeling naked, that's why many guys will wear a shirt over a unitard. You might think that defeats the purpose, but a unitard doesn't need a belt to stay up, so they are pretty comfortable.

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They're pretty convenient, and heck, I liked 'em before they were called unitards and were sold as maillots, and a long time before you young 'uns was even borned!;)

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Unitards are very good for helping us not hide from ourselves.

One can really see what one needs to fix in class, by wearing a unitard.


Lots of dancers send their measurments to unitard makers and also get to choose patterns and colors they like.



I'm with you Mel. I remember my first unitard in 1974. It was made of thick shiny material, (miliskin?) and had a zipper in front, just like the one I had seen my idol Natalia Makarova wear for rehearsals.

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I was crammed into my first unitard in 1963, at about the same age you were, glebb! It was kind of thrown at me, and I think I was made to wear it by main force! After I got into it, I was fine! I was astonished at how cool it was, compared to tights and a t-shirt, and my dad and uncle ran a test on the fiber to find out what it was - it turned out to be some sort of viscose rayon! Not real durable, but felt good!:)

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