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As i was shopping the other day in HMV music store i came across a DVD called 'Body workout with the New York Ballet' or something along those lines. Does anyone own a copy of this or has anyone seen this. I wanted to buy it but thought i would hold fire and find out if it was any good. I am trying very hard to try and tone up, i need motivation and if this is as good as it seems on the cover then i will take the plunge. I used to have one called Ballet Floor Barre but it got chewed up in the video recorder.


If anyone could enlighten me i would be most grateful,


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I have it, and it's great. Remembering that it's no substitute for classes. It covers a floor barre and lots of other stuff. The video also has a segment at the end that gives you kind of a day in the life of each dancer, Abert Evans, Deanna McBrearty,Edwaard Liang, and another ballerina whose name escapes me

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NYCB Workout is one of the better videos on that sort of subject on the market. It's keyed to a book. Get both, and you have one of the best!

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It's a great workout, with killer abdominal exercises in particular. I love the sense of calm about it -- moody lighting and narration by Peter Martins in kind of a seductive, ironic voice. The dancers look amazing, and it's fun to imagine you're in class with them. (The fourth dancer, by the way, is Helene Alexopoulous.) Definitely a good supplement to ballet classes.

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Hiya Skippy


I had the DVD (someone stole it though :) and I have the book. The book I think I prefer becasue when I had the DVD I would start doing the exercise, but then just sit and watch in awe at the wonderful dancers. But it is good, and worth asking for it for christmas )



p.s A quick aside. I did get your letter :) not forgotten about you


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Believe it or not, Truth in Advertising! The video and the book are both entitled, The New York City Ballet Workout!

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I only ask because no-one actually mentioned the name of the book!:)


It was only mentioned as "Body workout with the New York Ballet' or something along those lines".


Just to be sure you know.........so that I don't have the sales staff at my local bookstore hunting for a book that doesn't exist!





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Guest Gray Shoes

This is a question for those of you folks who know more than I. What is the value of this type of program to your progression as a dancer? I know it is marketed as a fitness activity not necessarily as a aid to the study of ballet technique. Is it a good enhancement to classes or could it be counter-productive in any respect? I would love to find some activities that I could do at home on those nights I can’t make it to the studio. But the goal is not so much fitness, although strength and flexibility will help I’m sure, but improvement in ballet ability and technique. Any comments?

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It's a useful supplement to class, but not a substitute. It is not primarily aimed at building technique, and its target audience is really the non-dancer with a familiarity with some form of ballet. As such, I don't really see any downside to it, except if somebody misuses it.

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Guest beckster

Apologies in advance for personal reply - I know how annoying it is.


Skippy, I've got this video and the book. Don't buy it yet, and if I get chance to visit my parents before christmas I will bring it back with me and you can borrow it to "try before you buy".

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:) Thanks everyone for all your replies. I will hang fire though and take up Becksters kind offer. I am looking forward to seeing the abdominal exercises and hoping it will get rid of some of my stomach (not all of it though - i need some puppy fat to get me through winter haha)!!



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City Ballet is putting their name on everything, clothes at Capezio, workouts on DVD, What next? bunion pads from Dr. Scholls?

What if the Met Opera started selling throat lozenges?



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