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hi! Well my dance teacher said that i'm allowed to do a solo at the dance competitons that we'll be attending. She said that since she's always at the studio and doesn't have any extra free time to help us out with anything, she said that I have to pick out the music and choreograph my own dance... :eek: do you suggest any lyrical/classical ballet music? (I'm leaning towards doing a lyrical) Thanks! :)

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i just heard the coolest music.. it's sort of like medatational music.. it's from a group called "Baka Beyond" the songs are long so you might have to cut the music but i really like it :thumbsup:

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ADMIN: Please move to Buddy Board, since this sounds like a BB topic.

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Actually, this is a dead topic. The new poster responded to a post from 2002. :thumbsup:

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