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should I travel to SI auditions???

Guest alliecat93

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Guest alliecat93

Ms Leigh or Major Mel,

Ms. Leigh, I read your post about getting your teachers advice for SI's, but I have a question for you. I am in the int II and int/adv classes at the pre-pro school and I take 11 classes a week and 1 private lesson. I started late, but I've worked really hard and I think I've caught up to most people my age. Anyway, I live in a major city in the midwest, but not very many schools stop here on their audition tour. Many of them go to Kansas City (4 hours away) and Chicago (5 and a half hours away), but if I went there to audition I would have to miss a whole day or two of classes. This will be my first year auditioning for a SI, so do you think it would be best just to audition for the few that come here, or travel several hours to go to more? The reason I'm not sure if I should travel for the auditions is because I've never auditioned for anything before and I don't want to drive all that way for nothing. I just turned 15, I have a pretty good body for ballet, I'm strong on pointe, and my teacher said I'm very good at applying corrections as soon as they're given and consistently applying them. Also, because I have different teachers that teach different styles of ballet, I'd say I'm pretty well rounded. I know you'd probably have to see me to tell, but from what I've said, would you reccomend I go to the auditions here, or drive so I can take more? Thanks so much!!:)

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Hard to say alliecat. How many different ones will actually be in your area? Have you considered doing a video for some of the others instead of traveling so far? It's usually best to do it in person, but if you can't get there, then it's an alternative. If you can get there, then do it! :)

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And of course, the other question is, how is your driving? If the answer is "good", then go to some that won't involve a major trek, with overnighting and all. The simple experience would be good for you!:)

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Guest alliecat93

Thank you for your advice. I am still trying to decide whether to do some video auditions or not. I made a list of the SI auditions that would be an option. Also, if I could drive to maybe 3 auditions that were several hours away, would there be certain ones that be be better fro me to attend? I know it all depends on the individual, but I didn't know if you guys had an opinion on that or not.



PNB ---Jan 11

Nutmeg ---Jan 17

SAB ---Jan 20

Joffrey ---Jan 25

Ballet Austin ---Feb 1

Harid ---Feb 2

Houston Ballet ---Feb 6

Boston Ballet ---Feb 11

Kirov ---Feb 15

The Rock ---Mar 2


Kansas City:

PNB ---Jan 18

Harid ---Jan 25

Boston Ballet ---Feb 8

SAB ---Feb 17

The Rock ---Mar 1


My city:

Kansas City Ballet ---Mar 2

Virginia School of the Arts ---?

(also, there might be several others I'm unaware of)


Now that I made a list and I can see there are only 2 in my area, I realize I will either have to make a video or do some traveling. I would rather travel than do a video and my parents don't really mid driving as long as we're not out of town every singly weekend for auditions. I would appreciate if you could point me in the rigth direction as to which programs I should audition for. Thanks so much to both of you for all of your time and help!


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Alliecat, there are a number of things to consider here as obviously you cannot get to all of the auditions and will have to select maybe 3 or 4. My advice would be to talk to your teacher in terms of which programs she feels would be best for you at this point in your training. Then, with your parents, study the literature on the different programs from the web sites, and try to figure out the costs and the travel expenses and rule out places that are too far or too costly. Some programs are better for younger students, or those new to SI's, and some of that information should be out soon on the board. The SI survey results are due the end of this month or early Dec. These things should narrow your selection and then you can decide whether to go to Chicago or Kansas City and for which auditions. :)

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