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Wobbly ankles


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Hi folks,


When we do plies, we often follow them with a releve, in whatever position we did the plie. I've noticed that my ankles sometimes wobble (they sickle, come straight, and then sickle again).


Is this due to poor ankle strength, or poor balance (or both)?


To increase ankle strength, I should be doing releves, right? Does making circles with your feet also improve ankle strength?




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Rio, you're right about relevés showing weakness in the ankle if you wobble, but contributing to the (little) problem, is that you aren't warm when it happens. Don't worry, as you do more and more, the wobble should decrease, and finally vanish. Doing some s-l-o-w tendus before class starts can help alleviate this phenomenon.


Circles are an introduction from modern with which I'm not real happy, as they tend to reinforce sickling, especially in those subject to it in the first place. Straight ahead should be the goal, and a straight-ahead point should be practiced by the beginning or returning ballet student, at no matter the age.:)

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Well, a bit, but the point-and-flex is really for reinforcing a straight-ahead point. Tendus, in particular, are good for strength, as are relevés. But you don't have to do a series of reps of any exercise all at one go. You might injure yourself. Break them up over the course of a day. Eight here, another sixteen there, and so on.

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