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You Know You're A Dancer When...


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I read a post on another board that had a lot of different sayings about "you know you're a dancer when..." and I thought they were cute. However, I also noticed a lot of them were simply true! Such as;


You know you're a dancer when


...you start every sentence with .5,6,7,8


...someone says something about your attitude and you worry your foot is sickling


...you're always taking the fifth


...you look over and the shoes you just took off are in first position


...you have more leotards than underwear

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...your favourite hairstyle is a bun.


..you drop something and pick it up by doing a penchee.


...you practice stretching exercises on the train.



...the only pairs of tights you own are for ballet.


...you feel more comfortable wearing jazz pants and a vest top to work.


...when someone asks how you are, you give them 30 minutes of details about muscle ailments and dancing injuries.


....door frames and walls have potential stretching possibilities.


..when you meet someone french, you show off the French words you know, namely ballet steps.



..ohh I could go on....

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.... You get the Discount Dance catalog delivered to both your home and place of work.


Any time you're in a store and are in the bags/purses section, you find yourself looking for a better dance bag.


You always have to explain to your work colleagues why your bag is always so FULL of STUFF


Any time your shoes are off you find yourself pointing your feet and examining your arches


Every mirror is another opportunity to check your alignment!

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When Airport security asks you to remove your shoes (4th time in 6 flights) you point your toes to stretch out!



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Guest summer1221

You laugh when someone says there feet hurt.

You watch t.v. in straddle,

You have more ballet shoes than shoes.

All you Christmas gifts are related to dance.

When you hear classical music you get nervous.

You like to split just for fun.

You get mad when you see a picture of a ballerina with her pointe shoes laced up to her knees.

A new leotard makes your whole day.

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I had to laugh when I read the part about people complaining about their feet! I was in my step class one morning and a woman was complaining that her quads were sore after the previous step class. If I wake up in the morning and something doesn't feel sore (from working the muscle), then I think something must be wrong! Or else I didn't work hard enough in my dance class the previous day. One year I told my hubby he didn't need to drag out the nutcracker for the holidays because we could just use my glutes!

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