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Losing turnout

Jaana Heino

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Lately, I have felt that despite of the work I do (2-4 classes a week + stretches and strengthening excercises taught by my teacher 2-3 times a week) I seem to have less and less active turnout in class.


This is notable in tendus already, but most notable in things like jumps and grande battements. I think it might be partly because I have learned to recognice faults with turnout better, but I have also started to get more than the usual amount of corrections on turnout, especially in the supporting leg.


I have not lost flexibility, quite the opposite.


What could be causing this? What can be done about it?

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There are two things that are possibly at work here. One is that you're doing something or other with the hip muscles to cause tiny muscle pulls and cartilage tears that are healing by the time you get to the next class, and the area is somewhat stiffened up by them. What could be causing these, I know not!


The other possibility is more benign; I call it the "Oxnard phenomenon". You never see or hear the name "Oxnard, California" until you know there's such a place, and then suddenly, you start to see and hear it everywhere! Because you are more aware of rotation from the hip, you are now more sensitive to any defects that may exist with that important object. Let's hope it's this!:)

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Major Mel, I surely hope it's the latter. I suppose I will just have to ask my teacher what she thinks to find out if it's real loss or not... just that I feel I am always bothering her with questions, even though she doesn't seem to mind at all and seems actually to enjoy answering. :)

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Sounds like you've got a good teacher there, and certainly should ask her about technical assistance! A great deal of the time, we moderators encourage communication between student and teacher, and I'm glad that you have decided to start a conversation on your own. Brava!:)

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Thank you for the term “Oxnard Phenomenon.” What a great term to use to describe certain perceptual problems. A perfect description for what happens in many aspects of our lives.

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I once lost my turnout. I found it again a few weeks later, socializing with the dust bunnies under the bed. I told it that it must stay with me from now on. But you know how turnout can be, mischiveous at times... ;)

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