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How do you wash canvas slippers?

Guest Gray Shoes

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Guest Gray Shoes

Since this seems to be the clothing forum lately. How does everyone wash canvas slippers? I have heard people say they throw them in to the laundry and I've heard others say that doing so will cause them to fall apart?



What is everyone’s experience? Do you machine wash? Machine dry? Do you use bleach on white shoes?



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Mine usually get washed by accident! Fabric softener helps, but never dry in the dryer. The best way to dry them is to wear them while wet and they will dry to your foot. But I never think to wash my shoes outright, only when they are tossed in with my dancewear.

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How do you wash canvas shoes? Carefully.;)


You can throw them into the wash, but don't put 'em in the drier. The insoles may come out, but that's no great loss. Some people I know take them out before they start to use them, in the first place! Using bleach in a stronger-than-directed concentration will weaken the fabric, and especially the thread used on the soles. Just a little will go a long way. For the ultra-fastidious, handwashing is always an alternative, but I don't know too many ultra-fastidious!;)

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I never wash mine. On our floor, given the amount I use them, they wear out in 3-4 weeks, just as they're getting really nasty.

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I just toss them in a cold wash -- alone because the rosin never seems to wash out of the other clothes in the rinse cycle. I use regular Tide or something like that to clean them. Then I leave them on the balcony to dry for a day or two. Works every time. I usually have to rub the soles awhile to get rid of the built up rosin. But it comes off pretty easily when they're still wet.

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I'll admit to liking the look of dirty white shoes in class, so I never wash mine. (new clean ones look like you haven't been working hard enough) The one time I did, they basically fell apart, even though I gave them a cold water wash.

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